SHINDWE: Blogger Robert Alai Drops a Bombshell on Churchill


Controversial blogger and activist Robert Alai is unhappy with Churchill show after Sunday’s program.

According to Alai, the way the comedian handled themselves on the Toto’s corner section of the program where they asked children to describe their house helps wasn’t very welcoming.

The comedian on the kids’ section received negative views from the children when he asked them what they think about house helps.

Here is Alai’s post

The Toto’s corner on #ChurchillShow tonight was insulting to anyone working as a house Help. The show needs mature editors. You can’t have every pathetic souls say anything on such a show.

You need to respect every Kenyan, no matter the profession. House helps are a key pillar of Kenyan society.

Stereotyping a whole group in front of kids is a new low for Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King’ang’i. Please be sensitive

I feel disgusted.