Vanderlei Luxemburgo says Guardiola is more marketing than coaching

Vanderlei Luxemburgo says Guardiola is more marketing than coaching


Real Madrid’s former coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo has said that Pep Guardiola seems to be marketing more than coaching and currently believes that the best manager is Bayern Munich’s Carlo Ancelotti.

“Guardiola won a lot of titles at Barcelona, but at the moment they have Luis Enrique and they win the same,” the Brazilian told the Fox Sport.

Luxemburgo, who doesn’t have a team at the moment, was critical of Guardiola for not repeating the success he had with Barcelona with Bayern. He said that he didn’t have the same success as his predecessor, Jupp Heynckes.

It’s a curious complaint given the Catalan coach won all three Bundesligas and two German Cups, among other trophies, during a three-year stay in Munich.

“Guardiola went to Bayern Munich, he prepared, he learned the language and he didn’t achieve the same [as Heynckes], who won the treble at 70 years old, but [Pep] didn’t,” he affirmed.

Luxemburgo went a step further, comparing him to Ancelotti: “He was a champion in Milan, in Madrid… I think that for Guardiola to prove he’s better he will have to win with Manchester City.”

According to the Brazilian coach, Guardiola will only convince him “if he wins with Manchester City”, the club he took over in the summer.