Has Dennis Okari Been Forced to “Keep Things Private”


    NTV’s investigative reporter, Dennis Okari, has decided to keep his life under the wraps after his marriage hit a snag.

    Before Betty dumped him for Sultan Joho, they were sharing photos of their private life on social media for everybody to see.

    Just recently, Okari deleted all photos on his Instagram page, leaving more questions than answers.

    He has not been saying anything on social media after his marriage hit rock bottom.

    Yesterday on 15th March, Betty was celebrating her 28th birthday and he was contacted by a local news outlet to speak on his ex-lover’s special day.

    He was asked why he has not sent her a birthday message because we were used to their usual PDAs (public display of affection) before things went south.

    Okari claims that he prefers to keep his life private nowadays.

    This is what he had to say when questioned why he hasn’t sent Betty a birthday message on social media like he used to do before.

    My message would be private. Why do you feel I have to share it with you? No my comment is that my message is private”.

    via DP.


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