How a Girl Vanished Into Thin air while going home for midterm


    Mr. Munyi is a heartbroken parent who is crying to Kenyans to help him trace his missing daughter.

    The girl went missing as she was coming home from the school midterm and efforts to trace her have been fruitless.

    The parent of the girl said his daughter has been missing for days and he has made all the efforts by contacting even her closest friends and no one has any clue as to where she is.

    Sarah Munyi, 17, a Form 3 student at Ndithini Secondary School alighted at the Welkom stage in Ruai but the circumstances in which she disappeared are puzzling.

    On that day, she didn’t go home but instead went elsewhere with two other girls. The two girls are now back in school but Sarah is still yet to be found.

    According to witnesses who saw her Sarah was in Ruai area walking around but no clear leads have been given yet.

    in case you have seen her you can call Munyi on 0707510420.



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