Is Tanzanian Artist Darasa a Con Artist?


    Tanzania Singer Darasa whose new song has been making a big air play his latest being cheza Muziki which has been playing in every club in the region.

    The singer has been on the spotlight following his actions that have raised alarms since events have been arranged under his name but he fails to appear on three occasion now.

    News have it that he and his usually post posters to advertise he is coming after down payment is made, then when it comes to perform he doesn’t show up

    Kenyans have been left wondering whether he just want to get money from them in an easy way or is it that he doesn’t want to perform in Kenyan clubs yet he claims to love his Kenyan fans.

    Since he is currently on a mission to promote his music he revealed in an interview with mzazi that Kenyan event organizers fail to meet his demands.

    No one seems to be telling the truth about it, with some people claiming those making arrangements are the ones to blame.


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