Man Sentenced to six months in prison for groping woman’s behind


    A man from Meru has been sentenced to six months in prison after he pleaded guilty to intentionally touching a woman’s butt without her consent.

    George Muthaura Muriuki was charged with committing an indecent act with an adult contrary to section 11 (A) of Sexual Offences Act of the laws of Kenya.

    Mr. Muthaura was accused of touching the behind of a 23-year old woman at Barimunya Bar in Ntirimiti market Buuri sub-county of Meru County on March 17 at around 9 pm.

    According to the police record, the complainant, who is a barmaid, had been sent to Nturimiti market to buy a soft drink for her boss when the accused trailed her.
    “The accused followed her to the bar before touching her behind saying she has fat behind and they are making him proud,’’ State counsel James Kinyua told the court.




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