Naivasha member of parliament facing police probe after being deported from Italy


    Naivasha member of parliament John Kihagi Karanja is being investigated by police after he was deported from Italy on Tuesday.

    Kihagi was first held by authorities in Rome, the European country’s capital, before he was put on a flight back to Nairobi.

    On arrival into the country, he was again held by police at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport because he landed without his passport which had been seized by the Italian officials, and given to cabin crew with instructions to deliver it to their Kenyan counterparts as a parcel.

    It is alleged that the MP’s passport stamps were forged, which prompted the officials to deny him entry into the country for security reasons.

    The Italian officials noticed two curious stamps on his passport.

    The stamps were dated October 20 and 24 and had “Amsterdam Schipol” as the place they were issued.


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