Woman’s vagina ‘grew teeth’ after controversial procedure


    A woman in Britain whose vagina “grew teeth” after a controversial, government-funded operation is now campaigning to have the procedure banned.

    Theresa Bartram, of Birmingham, says her “lady garden” became a “Venus fly trap” which left her then-partner feeling as if he was the fly after he was almost disfigured during sex.

    “It was like it had grown teeth,” Ms Bartram, 50, told The Sun. “His willy was bright red and spouting blood. There was a big red stain spreading between us on the sheets.”

    Crushingly, Ms Bartram had only just gotten her sex life back after seven years of abstinence due to an incontinence problem, which prompted her to use the NHS to get a mesh sling made of transvaginal tape.

    The procedure to lift her bowel seemed to have worked and Ms Bartram’s sex life was restored, until the above incident in 2009 – but things got even worse from there.

    After six months without intimacy Ms Bartram and her boyfriend broke up. But doctors refused to entertain her suspicion that it was the mesh tape that had damaged her boyfriend’s penis.



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