Sauti Sol Guys Try to Convince Octopizzo to Join The Gym

Octopizzo is probably the second Skinniest Musician if not the first, the first spot would probably go to Jimwat whom some people say weighs about 10 chickens.

Sauti Sol duo recently bumped into Octopizzo at what seemed like outside a shopping mall and were probably shocked at how thin the guy is, so they tried to convince him to join the gym. this is what he later posted.

Despite all the money he has made, Octopizzo can't gain any weight - reason - we don't know. He has been heard saying during an interview in the past that because of too much hustling, his body tissues are dead and there fore can't absorb any fat.

Anyway we are used to him that way, he probably would look bad when he adds more kilos.

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