Transfer Money Online in Kenya Using WorldRemit

This is probably the shortest review ever, think of it as more of an information passing than a complete review, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

I have used World Remit a couple of times now. the first time i was sending some money to a friend in Uganda who needed a little help. the second time i was sending it to Mombasa, another City in Kenya.

Coming from  a third world country, I can talk of a thousand reasons why world Remit is the best online money transfer service we have, am pretty sure in the developed countries there a re more better services than this, but here it is the winner.

Here are the reasons why i think world Remit is the best.

1. Has probably the most competitive exchange rates i have seen with others in its category.

2.Their support is Superb

3. Works with most of other money transfer services

4. This is only local - But it fully supports Mpesa and Airtel Money which are mobile money transfer services based in Kenya.

5. Its secure so you wont have to worry about someone stealing your cash.

6. Receive notification in your phone instantly when the money arrives.

If you want to do an online money transfer i would definitely recommend WorldRemit.

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