Here are the Things Nameless Does that Irritate Wahu

One of kenya's most famous celebrity couple Namelesss and Wahu have been a great example to many, especially how their marriage has endured. However, just like any other married couple they have their ups and downs.

During a recent interview with SDE, Wahu revealed those little things that her husband Nameless does which irritate her, this is what she said.

”It happens quite often but it’s small irritating stuff like not switching off the lights downstairs when we go to sleep, leaving shoes downstairs, leaving the knife inside the Blueband and such, but I’ve learnt to choose my battles. But it’s never that serious.”

When asked what she loves most about him she responded: ”Apart from the fact that he’s hot, he’s a very gentle soul. I love his dedication to his family the most and he doesn’t anger easily.”

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