Ida Odinga Speaks Out on Raila's Torn Shoes

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Last Sunday, Raila was in St John’s Everlasting Gospel Church in Imara Daima attending the service where he was seen wearing a torn shoe.

As kenyans went on social media to debate what might have been the problem , Raila's wife, Ida Odinga, has now come out to explain why her husband wore a torn shoe.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Ida has said that Raila's shoe got torn when he knocked a stone at the church where he attended a function.

this is what she said

“Can such a thing happen under my watch really? I am a fashionista for crying out loud.
“I am the one who has been dressing my man and it is like some of you are not aware. Can I allow him to leave the house with torn shoes? Never,” she told Nairobi News in a phone interview.
“I have been taking care of Raila all these years and nothing of such kind as ever happened. This is a very small thing that should not even worry me,” she said.

She said that she has always been very keen on what her husband wears.

“As smart as I have been always, there is no single day I have let my husband down. He cannot leave the house unless I approve that he is smart. He has to be smart, that is key,” she said.

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