Mike Sonko Admits To Having Had it With Her

Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, has finally admitted that he sired a baby with a woman in Kwale and is ready to face her in court. Apparently, the woman has sued Sonko for neglecting his own child after he became a Senator.

While speaking to a local publication, he said that he fathered the woman’s first child but denied being the father of the second child.

The woman, who was once Mike Sonko’s girlfriend, now wants the court to order him to pay her maintenance fee of KSh 140,000.

Surprisingly, Sonko has said that he doesn’t need a lawyer in the case because it’s a straight forward matter. The woman has also said that she doesn’t need a lawyer because she fears he will be bribed by the wealthy Senator.

On his defense, Sonko says that he is ready to do a DNA test just to prove that he is not the father of the second child. He further claims that he has been providing for his first child by paying his school fees and providing other basic commodities for him.

He also wants to provide for the woman’s second child but on  humanitarian grounds.

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