Rapper Jimwat Launches Alcohol and Drug Related Foundation

Genge star Jimwat has supplemented his musical comeback with a self titled foundation, Jimwat Foundation.

The new project is aimed at helping guys with alcohol and drug related problems.
“Alcoholism is downplayed but has and is messing up a lot of youths since alcohol addiction can halt a persons future growth by enslaving the victim to the ill halting career and life growth in a positive way. i have had a long battle with alcoholism and use my own experience, the mistakes that took me on a decline path to teach how alcohol dependancy can enslave you to the point of negatively affecting your life to the point of giving up completely messing you badly,” read his statement.

The musician who made a sensational comeback with the hit ‘On My Way’ featuring Das Walanguzi, has been through the addiction path and is passionate about the project and changing the lives of drug addicts.

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