Two Ladies get engaged after one has sex change to become a man

Two girls of the United Kingdom, who were best friends in school, became engaged after one of them had a sex change.

Toni Harper and Sian Horton met as children in Bristol, when they were only 13 and 15 years old. 
The two became very close friends. Eventually, Horton revealed to Harper that he had been tormented by his gender and sexuality for years.

Horton, now 25, changed his name to Sean and he had gender reassignment surgery. Harper, now, 23, accepted Horton for who he is.

The couple, who always liked each other, decided to get married and start a family.
The couple will get married next month, which is 4 weeks before their first child will be born. 

Harper became pregnant by artificial insemination through a sperm donor.

“I cannot wait to be a dad. I cannot wait to hear our baby call me Daddy,” Horton said.

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