Willy Paul Accused of 'Copy Pasting'

Veteran Gospel Singer Willy Paul has come under great criticism for copying and duplicating other musicians’ style of music and fashion.

According to Kizo B, the Mama singer thrives on copy-pasting rhythms of other musicians. He was speaking during an interview with Safari KTS when he pointed out Willy Paul’s Mama as a replica of Rihanna’s Rehab. He also went on to say that Willy Paul used Kizo B’s hit Ulinibeep to make Sitolia.

“Willy Paul alichukua Ulinibeep nikakupigia akafanya sitolia…na ngoma yake hii mpya Mama, its a nice song but mwanzo ameanza kama Rihanna,” Kizo B said.

Kizo B also went ahead to call Willy Paul himself Msafi and revealed that Diamond was furious when he saw Willy Paul ‘swagger jacking’ his style.

Watch the interview below

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