60 year old Chinese lady who still looks like a teenager - PHOTOS

One of the top actresses in China who is also a businesswoman has been nicknamed  "frozen beauty" due to her inability to look old, Lui Xiaoqing will be turning 60 years old this October 2015.

Liu Xiaoqing still looks like a teenager and says she has never had plastic surgery in her life, anyone would mistake her for a young girl when you first look at her.

Liu and her 3 brothers started breeding quails back in 1982 and later switched to chicken business which was more profitable back then. They have since switched into different kinds of business but in total the family is worth almost a billion dollars.

We are not sure if the quails have contributed to this as many people say they make you look younger and healthier, but whatever she has been eating seems to be doing a great to her body.

Apart from her remarkable looks, Liu is one of the wealthiest businesswomen in Asia and back in 2009 she appeared in Forbes list of among the richest women in business.

Check out these unbelievable photos of her at 59 years old.

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22 April 2015 at 13:15 delete

Are you sure she is 60 years old??? waooo too pretty for her age jeez!!