After 15 years of Marriage, Father Learns that all 3 children are not his

Last week on Thursday a farmer got the shock of his life after he learned that the children he has raised for the past 15 years were not his.

His wife who is an employee of Elgeyo Marakwet county had gone to court to sue a lecture at a university in Eldoret - who is the real father,  for failing to take care of his children.

A neighbor tipped off the husband who then applied to be part of the case as an interested party an that is how he came to learn of the sad news. Since the guy could not believe his ears, he requested a DNA test to be performed and he confirmed that neither of the three children were his.

Gathering the courage to talk the man said “I was shocked when the first DNA test revealed that I am not the father of the children I have known to be mine for years. I hadn’t noticed any sign that my wife was cheating on me,” said the distraught man.

The man who is a farmer in Uarsin Gishu has not been staying with the wife and children but visits them from time to time.

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