CMB Prezzo Meets Chameleone, is Something in the Making?

Two big names in East Africa's music entertainment CMB Prezzo and Chameleone are among other artistes from the region who have come up together to shoot a show which is set to premier on Maisha Magic soon.

Apart from the Maisha Magic show, the two have been seen hanging out together probably discussing a possibility of dropping a colabo, nothing has been mentioned from either of them but they have been seen doing champagne and beer, where they seem to be bonding musically.

Chameleone is among the top musicians in East Africa and the best from Uganda, while prezzo is one of the biggest names in Kenyan music and a self proclaimed king of bling.

Fans of the two having been talking on social media about how unlikely that is, the two musicians sing totaly different kinds of music and seem to be having different swags.

If a colabo is born somewhere, Prezzo would seem to be the biggest beneficiary since anything that comes out of Chameleone's mouth is an instant hit whether good or bad. 

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