Day When a Fan Attempted to Give D'banj a Bj on Stage

During a live performance in Kong Night club in South Africa about 3 weeks ago Musician D'Banj saw something he will live to remember.

At the popular club, where D’banj thrilled fans in South Africa by performing some of his classic tunes and his latest hit song, ‘Feeling The Ni**a’, the Kokomaster went quite raunchy on stage.

Although D’banj’s rumoured South African boo, Bonang Matheba was present at the event, D’banj gave an impressive performance and got massaged in some sensitive places in return.

This photo of a female fan with her mouth in D’banj’s private area has been causing a frenzy online.

Although she was stopped before she did it, some fans say she was really getting it done for real.

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