Sierra Leone vice president quarantined after His Bodyguard Dies of Ebola

Sierra Leone's vice president Samuel Sam-sumana has placed himself under quarantine for about three weeks after one of his close bodyguards died of ebola, The vice president took a wise decission after learning that he might have been exposed to the deadly virus that has already killed more than 10,000 people in all the affected regions of west African countries.
Sierra Leone's vice president left. photo -

Speaking to the press about the decision, Mr Sam-Sumana said  "I have decided to be put under quarantine because I do not want to take chances and I want to lead by example," the vice president told.

"I am very well and showing no signs of illness." he added.

Apart from the vice president alone, his entire staff will also be put under quarantine for the entire Ebola incubation period which is usually about 21 days.

This will be first most senior government official to be suspected of having the virus.

Meanwhile the president ordering the public transport operators to reduce the capacity by 25 percent in order to avoid contact.

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