Was Lura Oyier a 'Vera Sidika" Before Vera was?

Laura Oyier became famous after she incurred a bill of Sh 229,505 on valentines day at intercontinental hotel and wasn't unable to pay. She was later taken to court by the hotel management to answer for the charges.

If that is not news enough maybe this is, Laura was once a dark lady, not the normal dark but she was almost during in charcoal. as it appears, she went to one of those 'doctor bleach' to cook her skin probably even before Vera Sidika did.  Laura, who is also a musician recently spoke of how the media covered her story in a biased way and that she had her plans of settling the bill but jus had a little hitch.

in the past few days, a photo has been doing rounds on social media and local gossip blogs which shows her dark Laura was before she decided it was enough.

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