10 Best Plus Size Fashion Blogs

Back in the days, plus size was considered unfashionable. But in recent times, many courageous and creative ladies who are plus sized have come out to curve a niche in the plus size fashion and it is incredibly hot. Despite the fact that lesser women are still considered beautiful and are chosen for "the best of shows" millions of men out there love bigger women.

If you think Big women aren't hot, well, you might wanna change that when you read and see some of the blogs that we are about to list them below.

Some of the bloggers in this list have been featured in the biggest fashion contests, news and cover magazines.

We have been looking around the web and have come up with the best plus size blogger we have, check them out.

1. Gabifresh

She started blogging back in 2008 and has now grown to become a full time blogger, she has also been featured in some of the biggest news sites and blogs.

2. Grown and Curvy Woman
She is one of the best and experienced fashion lady in the niche, she looks a little older judging by the slogan on her blog which reads "where style has no age or size" she is lovely

3. Garner Style
Chastity is another another great plus size fashion Blogger and writer, apart from running her own fashion blog, she is a contributor of 'The curvy girl's guide to style'

4. Jay Miranda
Started back in 2008 Jay has established her fashion blog to become one of the biggest and most read plus size blog in the world, she has been featured in big fashion magazine including Marie Claire, Glamour and Cosmo
5. Sacks in the city

Going by the name Sakina, this French based blogger has made her name across Europe and all over the world. She seems to have curved a niche within the plus size fashion, she likes to pose for shopping and street plus size fashion.

6. And I Get Dressed
Kelli Brown is a New York based plus size fashion blogger who has learned to enjoy life a day at a time according to her blog. She is one of the respected ladies in plus size fashion not only for the dressing but also for the encouragement she offers other curvy ladies out there.

7.Cupcake Clothes

This 24 year old English blogger not only shows how to dress well, but also recommends and sells clothes that are perfect for plus sized ladies.

8. Le Blog de Big Beauty
Apart from having a huge following on Facebook, this French blogger is a true inspiration to many. Her blog is in French but has an English section too.

9. Curvy Girl Chic
Allison Teng has been featured on some huge blogs like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post and apart from just a fashion blog, she also does product reviews and other trending conversation on fashion.

10. Everything Curvy and Chic
Looking at this list, i would probably have started with Chante. She is one of the best fashion bloggers we have out there. Her fashion trends are cute and pocket friendly which covers almost all the plus size ladies fashion needs.

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