Did Mary Muchiri Predict Her Own Death?

Mary Muchiri who is one of the students who lost their lives during the Al-shabaab attack seem to have predicted her death.

Apart from modeling, Mary was a religious person and she always met with others to pray and thank God early in the morning before joining the rest of the students in class.

On her Facebook wall months prior to her death, Mary seemed to have been thinking about about death a lot, and she decided to post, probably to share with her friends how she felt.

Check out her posts.

 Wen am gone...wen am gone u gonna miss me wen am gone...u gonna miss me by my hair u gonna miss me everywhere...u gonna miss me wen am gone..#‎singing...pitchperfect/becca

 N al be gone gone tonight...the ground beneath my feet is open wide#onedirection

you said its gonna be alright said you will make a way in my rough times
coz every time i see your smile and everytime i feel your touch makes me know i face tomorrow one more time

— feeling incomplete

May the Lord rest her soul in eternal peace

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Demonic spirit of death was stalking her.