Here Jaguar’s Reaction After Presidential NACADA Appointment

After being appointed as a board member of NACADA the KOT caused quite the stir on social media as some congratulated Jaguar as others expressed their concern over his qualifications.

The singer  is however unfazed by his doubters and is keen on his new responsibility in tackling drug abuse. He expressed his joy at the presidential appointment saying: “I could not sleep….I got so many calls and messages of congratulations,” said an excited Jaguar adding that, “Ni kitu poa juu nimefanya vitu nyingi kusaidia youth na hii ni example ya from nothing to something.

Jaguar, a renown teetotaler, has already identified one of the reasons that lead to drug abuse among the youth and has urged for support in the uphill task.

Stress is one of the causes of drug abuse…we need to tackle it,” Jaguar went farther to say, “I welcome the appointment and call upon everyone to support me in this. I can’t do it alone, we need to work together to fight drug abuse.”

Jaguar will join the board which is chaired by John Mututho. Other board members include G. Nasieku Taraiya and  Stephen Kiptoem Mairori who were also appointed by the president Uhuru.

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