Jimwat Finally Opens Up About His Alcohol Addiction

Do you remember Jimwat? well if you are familiar with old school kenyan music you will definetly recognize him.

When the rapper disappeared from the limelight a few years ago, people did not know what he was up to; the genge rapper was fighting another battle one that was not only career threatening but posing danger to his very existence.

The singer who is better known for his hit Under 18, Jimwat talked to K24 about his alcohol addiction and how he fought to overcome it. He revealed that his success in music came in with a something else; excessive drinking alcohol, one he could not control. At first there was some disturbing images of Jimwat as he was battling with his addiction to liquor.

The rapper also revealed that he enrolled himself to a rehabilitation center in a bit to save himself before the addiction could get the best of him. He admitted that the rehabilitation journey has not been easy for him as there are a lot of challenges to him as a performing artiste. Here is the video of the  interview Jimwat had with K24 TV:

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