Understanding Absence Seizure in Adults

Although Absence seizures occur mostly in children, it can also occur in fully grown men. If you don't already know, Absence seizure is a brief and sudden lapses of consciousness which may sometimes feel like you are staring into an empty space for a time that ranges from a couple of seconds to 20 seconds.

Sometimes Absence Seizure in Adults can be confused with a hangover after a heavy drinking or with symptoms of an existing condition, but from my experience, Absence Seizure can occur almost at any age, only that it is not common in fully grown adults.

Judging from people's experiences on medical forums, there are  couple of situations i have noticed. One is that Absence Seizure in Adults  can sometimes continue through adult hood or it can be triggered by a pre existing epileptic disorders.

Although Absence Seizure might seem like a life threatening condition especially when one is experiencing it,but it usually lasts for a few seconds and you might never experience it again or it can occur again after a long time. You should seek medical attention if you are having it for the first time or you notice something unusual in the way you move your hands and sense things.

Here are the symptoms of Absence Seizure in both Children and Adults 

Sudden stop in motion without falling
Lip smacking
Eyelid flutters
Chewing motions
Finger rubbing
Small movements of both hands.

Reference: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1015282/


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