Willy Paul Disowned His Biological Mother and Poses with a 'fake one'

Recently, has been on the news for all the wrong reasons and things will cool down any time soon. Bahati was the first one to expose how he has been stealing his unreleased songs in an emotional post that caught many by surprise.

But it now seems that Willy Paul can do anything to get publicity.  A couple of months ago, the gospel  singer introduced a fashionable woman on social media and claimed that she was his biological mother. here is the photo he shared.

However, as it turns out, he was just lying to Kenyans to gain publicity and it has now emerged that he has neglected his mother to die in poverty. Willy Paul’s biological mother lives in Mathare Slums and she has never seen her son since 2012 when he rose to fame.

Willy who enjoys life in high places, his mother is suffering in the slums and sometimes sleeps hungry.  Here are photos of Willy’s biological mother, Salome Radido,  who  lives like a beggar.

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