20 Dofollow Blogs to Increase Backlinks

When most bloggers and webmasters start building backlinks, the first place they go to is on other blogs to comment. Commenting seems to be the most 'natural' way of building backllinks for every blogger.

The most challenging thing however, is knowing whether the blogs are dofollow or nofollow. For a newbie blogger who doesn't know how to use even the common SEO tools can be quite frustrating.

Before you begin building backlinks, you must understand the reason why you want to do it. Set a goal and make plans on what you want to achieve with your backlink building. Make sure you don't get into the frustration of posting things like "very nice blog" "very nice article" or "thank you for posting" and such nonsense.

You will find that most blogs have comment moderation by their webmasters and its almost impossible to approve comments that offer no value to their readers. 

Anyway enough said, here is a list of high page rank, dofollow blogs to comment on.

  1. dailyblogtips.com
  2. weblogtoolscollection.com
  3. jiscdigitalmedia.ac.uk/blog
  4. socialtimes.com
  5. problogger.net
  6. searchenginejournal.com
  7. weblogtoolscollection.com
  8. blog.photography.si.edu
  9. grokdotcom.com
  10. interactiondesign.sva.edu
  11. currybet.net
  12. w3blog.dk
  13. quicksprout.com
  14. tripit.com
  15. links.org.au
  16. blogmofuse.com
  17. bloggingtips.com
  18. kikolani.com
  19. comptalks.com
  20. seobythesea.com
  21. seo-hacker.com
  22. newcritics.com
  23. intenseblog.com
  24. searchenginepeople.com
  25. engineering.curiouscatblog.net
  26. growmap.com
  27. comluv.com
  28. bluehatseo.com
  29. blogussion.com
  30. kongtechnology.com
  31. midasoracle.com
  32. forthelose.org
  33. quickonlinetips.com
  34. blog.ruski.co.za
  35. animhut.com
  36. kongtechnology.com
  37. quickonlinetips.com
  38. issuu.com
  39. politico.com
  40. xing.com
  41. blogger.com
  42. my.telegraph.co.uk
  43. ehow.com
  44. 2checkout.com
  45. 30boxes.com
  46. zillow.com
  47. comedycentral.com
  48. codeproject.com
  49. pamshouseblend.com
  50. mrqe.com

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Thanks for sharing .it very useful information for blog commenting lists…

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you can also use megasasta.com bloging section having auto approval comments