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I have been blogging for over 3 years now and i make decent income from it, but the journey hasn't been that easy, to be honest, i haven't always been diligent in blogging. There was a time when i took a 4 month break from  to pursue other ventures after i got discouraged.  I have about 5 blogs that get a good amount of traffic and it has taken me a while to build them. For reasons only known to me, i won't list the blogs here, but i hope you will listen to my advice.

I am not trying to sell anything to yo here, this is pure advice from my experience in building a blog from scratch. Since i don't want this to be s long post, because you might sleep in the middle of it, i will just speak about the best way to build backlinks from my own perspective.

There is no SINGLE BEST WAY to build backlinks, it involves a number of ways and different type of websites and blogs to achieve this. here is a list of ways to get backlinks

Forum commenting/ Profile Backlinks
Blog commenting
Article Directories
Charity Donation sites
Guest blogging
Social bookmarking
Blog directories
RSS directories
Site graders and related

I wouldn't recommend any single method, you try to use all methods listed above and more if you find any but make sure your backlink building looks as natural as possible (done by a human being).

1. Do it Slowly - One of my sites was hit y a Google update and it almost made me think of quitting my
    blogging career. To be safe, I would advice that you build not more than 15 backlinks per day.
    I know most webmasters will differ with me here, but no one is perfect when it comes to Google
    algorithm and this is the safest you can be.

2. Be consistent and Natural - As I told you before, am not promoting anything here, this is pure
    knowledge from my experience.Most webmasters and SEO experts will give you formulas on how to
    build a lot of backlinks like 50 or more per day and concentrate them on one platform which is very

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