Here is Emmy Kosgei's Message to all the Haters

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei will forever be in our news, as long as he is still married to the old Nigerian preacher who is old enough to be his grand father.

Rumours have now become part of her life and the Kenyan gossip sites will not get tired of harassing Emmy and her husband. Although she has become used to it by now, it seems that sometimes she gets hurt pretty bad by the stories people spread.

On her facebook page, she posted a message which was clearly directed to all her haters and especially those who spread rumours and want her downfall. Here is what she posted.

#‎favourUsUnfair #‎GodisFullofhumour #‎Nothingchangeshispurpose When others plan for your downfall He lifts u up from glory to glory! When they plan to disgrace u ,He lifts up your banner.. God never seeks for opinion or approval to bless u,to fulfill purpose!! He does exactly opposite.. In and out of season He is at work! So don't fear what they wish for u,the season,the pressure all you need is #‎God keep following him.. #‎favorisUnfair no qualification, God is the qualifier ! I love this God! #‎mamenne

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