How to Put Links in Blogger Comments

Good SEO is as important as writing good quality articles, if you are a serious blogger who want to grow and possibly make money from your blog then you need to put in some time t o build some quality backlinks that point to your site. Although many SEO experts have strongly recommended that you build both inbound and outbound links, the ones that count most are the quality links that point to your site from authoritative sites.

Sometimes getting backlink from some sites can be frustrating, especially if they require you to log in first, or they don;t give you an option to put in your links. Blogger is one of those platforms that sometimes the owners don't allow you to leave a link, but fortunately there is a workaround to this.

Here is how you can leave a backlink in blogger comment even when the owner has restricted it.

1. Visit the comment section and after typing in your comment enter the HTML code below  into the comment box:

<a href="">your anchor test</a>

Change to your preferred domain and "your  anchor text" to whatever you want your link to be called.

Note: Blogger sometimes does not allow a deep link  "http://" so make sure you just start your link with either "www" or a naked domain.

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