Nairobi Hospital Maternity Package

Although the maternity package at Nairobi hospital is not pocket friendly, it is one of the best you can get in the country. The hospital has qualified doctors and some of the best facilities in Nairobi.

Normal delivery is not always guaranteed even when you follow all the necessary precautions, thus couples need to have something saved up and also be psychologically prepared for it.

If you your insurance company has covered you for the maternity, then it will be easier for you. But if not you need to be prepared for it. as your pocket will be milked dry.

Here is the current Nairobi Hospital Maternity package 2015

Normal Delivery is Kshs. 95,000

The Package includes:

6 Antenatal visits (any extra visits out of the schedule will be charged separately)
1 Postnatal visit by a doctor
Prenatal investigations i.e. Laboratory tests and 1 ultrasound scan.
Iron supplements
Midwife's delivery charges
Obstetrician's and Pediatrician's retainer fee back-up
Pre and Post Natal standard drugs.
Main Nursery charges for 3 days with vaccinations
Post natal physiotherapy (2 sessions)

Caesarean Section: Kshs 210,000

For Caesarean, charges are Kshs 210,000 and includes:

All services offered in the normal delivery Maternity package
2 post natal visits by a doctor
Doctor's fees
Anesthetist fees
Pediatrician fees
Theatre fees
Ward bed for 5 days
Post natal physiotherapy (2 sessions)
5 day course of recommended antibiotics if required.
Any other different medicine and services will be charged separately
 The above packages (normal delivery & C/S) are payable in advance, up to day of admission, this is based on a ward bed. You can pay once or in installments. However, if you prefer to occupy a private room, an additional cost will be incurred. The only exemption to the above package will be in case of unforeseen complications during delivery.

 * Incase of an emergency Caesarian Section, the C/S charge will apply.

 Charges not Included in the Maternity Package

If during your pregnancy and delivery you or the baby require other treatments, surgery or hospitalization other than those included in the package offer, these will be charged at the cost of the treatment.

Medicines or vitamin supplements other than ferrous sulphate.
Any other laboratory or X-ray tests other than prenatal investigations.
Hospitalization during pregnancy other than delivery.
Specialized treatments for mother or baby in case of sickness.
A separate Pediatrician's fee shall be charged for a second or third baby incase of twins or triplets.
A visit by the clinic doctor during hospitalization
Extra visits by doctor                                              - 1,500/- (per day)
Delivery conducted by the Doctor (not Midwife)    - 12,000/-
Vacuum delivery                                                                   - 12,000/-
Removal of retained placenta under anaesthesia               - 25,000/-
Repair of lacerations
Under general anaesthesia                                     - 20,000/-
Under local anaesthesia                                          - 10,000/-
* In the case of antenatal needs outside the clinic days, please visit the A & E.

Tel.2845670 / 2846041 or email;

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