Top Kenyan Homosexual Gospel Artiste Attacks Vera Sidika

Kenya's first gay gospel artist George Baro has seriously attacked socialite Vera Sidika from what appears to be a response following Vera's views on homosexuality.

Baro seriously attacked Vera Sidika on social media, telling her to stop thinking with her 'matiti' and sit her  bum down.

The gospel artist went ahead to tell the socialite to seek Gods guidance, here were his exact words.

“Vera Sidika, seat your silicon bums down and sharap. Stop thinking with your plastic boobs. So suddenly God gave you light skin and died to make you God. To determine how gays are ungodly?! You need God. Before more animals could die to make your hair, or better still, you can do a nose job. I used to think you have traveled far and wide enough to know what is Godly.”

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