Unlike Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe wants to be Dark Skinned

Huddah Monroe is probably one of the most 'sensible' socialite we have. Although some people might not like her bold attitude, she does speak sense most of the times.

In her usual social posts, she reveal something that her nemesis Vera might not like it so much.
While Vera Sidika is seriously struggling with African skin color issues, this is actually the opposite for Huddah Monroe.

This is what she said.

might sound weird as f**k but My biggest problem ever since I was young , I always wanted my skin tone be a little darker . Like the pic on the right , I always wanted that , coz it’s beautiful , plus it’s usually flawless and since there’s no cream to darken, There’s make up and that also ain’t bad . Do you know how many white people are dying to be black? That’s why they sit in the sun for hours with tanning creams but sadly they can’t be us’

this is what she wants.

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