Candy N Candy CEO Offers to Help Statehouse Trespasser

CEO of Candy N Candy Records Joe Kariuki has stayed true to his word of helping the 16 year old Matthew Maina who jumped fence into statehouse. Matthew was arrested on suspicion of being an Al Shabaab terrorist.

Kariuki who decided to  venture into politics visited Mathew at the Industrial Area prisons on Monday ahead of his case hearing scheduled for today. Joe bought the young aspiring musician clothes to make him more presentable before the court.
Kariuki has also pledged a ksh 500,000 sponsorship deal spread into two, video and audio production.

“We cant let a boy who was chasing his dream languish away especially when his quest for making music is responsible for his woes, as a stakeholder in Kenya’s music industry I will do whatever I can to make sure he is helped” said Joe.

Joe also called Mathew’s father and offered him ksh 2000 bus fare to enable him attend the court hearing of his son on Wednesday.

“Nothing is as painful as having your son stand trial and not being able to be there to support him, its really important that Mathews dad be there that’s why I offered to facilitate that” he added.

Here are the photos.

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