Kenya is not alone, Illegal Brewing Asia is Thriving

Two days ago, 2 people died and four were hospitalized after they consumed some illicit brew somewhere in Thika, but this is actually not news anymore, people have always died in difference parts of the country because of consuming some lab cooked chemical.

But if you thought this only happened in Kenya then you will be shocked to realize that in india, Malaysia, Thailand and some parts of Asia it is actually much worse. What makes it a bit different is that in those countries, the cooking is more organized and difficult for the police to find the culprits.

One such example of a private illegal brewery was the one we saw sometime back in Thailand where police arrested some guys who were brewing popular spirit "Black Label" by mixing 100% alcohol with water and other chemicals.

According to reports, illegal brewing in many parts of Asia is a "good business" like most of other drug dealing business, selling illegal home brewed spirits can make you an instant millionaire.

These photos are old but will just give you an idea of what goes on in some of these illegal backdoor breweries.

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