KRA Now Looking for the Lady Who Gave Her Husband a 10 Million Kshs Car

Laura Akunga Muriithi the CEO of Benchmark solutions who gifted her husband a 10 million car is now in trouble after catching the attention of many people. As they say never pop out your head on a moving vehicle.

After Robert Alai blasted her for lying about her story, Radio Jambo presenter Joseph Ogidi a.k.a Gidi has come out to claim that the company Benchmark solutions is being investigated by the tax man for filing zero returns.

Laura has not come out to say anything about the allegations yet, Here is what Gidi posted on Facebook.

I hear our good lady Laura Akunga of the 10M VX gift is now being investigated by KRA apparently her company has been allegedly filing nill returns....The price you pay for expressing Love publicly waa

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