Lupita Nyong'o will never talk to Alai After what he said

Kenya's most controversial blogger Robert Alai has decided to roast actress Lupita Nyong'o for sneaking out on kenyans. According to reports, Lupita came into the country but has decided to avoid the local media and Kenyans who take pride in her success as one of them.

Lupita who has now adopted the western celebrity culture seems to have become proud and arrogant according to Alai. Last week, she is said to have forced a journalist to delete the photos he took of her threatening him of possible action.

With this unacceptable muzungu behavior, she rubbed Alai the wrong way and as we know, Alai is not the type who keeps quiet. Here is what he said

Why is Lupita Nyong'o hiding from Kenyans like they are some lepers? Why the sneaking around? Even Obama is not sneaking around.

Lupita need not behave like a god. Even President Uhuru doesn't sneak around like this. She will soon bore Kenyans and just expire.

Kenyans are not that patient. It will reach a point they will just spit on her wherever she passes. Jo'Kenya oksechi!!!

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