Marakwet Man caught Doing it with a goat

 Elgeyo Marakwet man was caught by villagers defiling a goat. The 20 year old said that his girlfriend denied him the obvious and he could no longer stay without.
The rapist who was caught by the goat's owner, Elias Kipkemboi, in the act was almost hacked to death but miraculously  survived.

The farmer said that he heard noise coming  from the animal shed at around 9 pm and went with his torch to check what was going on and he was shocked to find the criminal on top.

When the rapist saw the owner of the goat, he immediately took off before he could be arrested.
Angry villagers who heard  the news, went and and caught him the following day and took him to the police station.

Keiyo police boss, Fred Ochieng, said that then guy is currently in custody awaiting trial.
During the interrogation , they accused said that he did it because his girlfriend told him they could only have it after marriage, not knowing that the guy was suffering.

In his mitigation, he said that his girlfriend has insisted that they can only have s*x after marriage and as a result, the urge to have s£x was so strong. The goat is at a local Veterinary Officer’s clinic being checked before the matter is taken to the court.

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