Socialite Corazon's Instagram Account Just Went Blank

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka's Instagram account all of a sudden went blank a few days ago when the socialite decided to delete all her photos in what she called a new beginning to the way she will be posting.

Her Instagram fans who are addicted to her cute body and behinds woke up to find less than 10 photos from previous hundreds that they used to see every day. The socialite apparently has started a new swag in the way she takes photos and the new ones look a bit decent, compared to the ones she has been taking with he tanyes out.

Not sure if this trend will continue or she intends to bring in a new fashion but what is currently on doesn't look appealing at all. Something that we suspect might have happened is her account might have been hacked and someone deleted all the photos and she doesn't want to say.

Here is a few photos she posted with a caption. " New beginnings new pictures"

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