7 Great Ideas on How to Get Rich in Kenya

Getting rich is not as easy as 123, and getting rich in Kenya is even harder but i didn't say it's impossible, in fact you can get super rich in less than a year if you get your calculations right. I personally believe there is no such thing as a lucky person, luck as the wise man put it is simply "preparation meets opportunity"


Whether you like it or not agriculture is a great business and can make you rich in less than a year, depending on how much money you have to invest you can make a few millions every months. Here is a simple calculation.

Buy Shares

Unlike before, you can now but shares for as little as 20 per share which will make dividends that are payable annually,

Make money online

There are many ways to make money online in Kenya, you don't need huge investment to do so. You can either start a blog and register for Google Adsense which which will pay you for your content, or get companies to advertise on your blog.

Online Betting

Am not so good at betting but i can tell you this, those who say that online betting is bad, you have no idea how to do it. If you do your calculations right you can make millions off of it. For example i joined Sportpesa a few months ago after a friend told me about it, I made 6,000 in 3 days from single bets. I know couple of guys from this whatsapp group that i was introduced to who make 2-300,000 a month from betting.

Government Tenders
I will be straight with you here, although the government has given the youth the opportunity to get tenders from the government, its not that easy as there are thousands of competitors who run for the same, am not saying that you bribe anyone but do all you can to land a government contract and you are done.

Traffic some coco

Yes, you heard me right if you manage to do some drugs without getting caught, you have a ticket to wealth and greatness, no one wants to tell you the truth. The truth is only about 5 percent of real drug traffikers are caught, after al if you have a lot of cash you can buy your self out of any situation.

Join Politics

If you have some to invest, you can run for a political post, which is 100% assured you will get rich after.But as it is, this is a game of chance, personally i would rather invest in agribusiness which a sure way to get rich, but if politics is your thing, go for it.

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