Another Kenyan Man Changes His Genger

Jaffar Jackson who is now known as Miss Jay took Kenyans by storm after “he” decided to free “himself” from a man’s body to become a woman. 

Miss Jay is a fashion stylist and model choreographer. He was born in Nairobi but grew up in London where he attended school. This is one of the few men who have decided to lead a woman’s life. He claims that he felt like he had lived in a wrong body.

 Kaitylyn Jenner was among the first of this kind to astonish the world when she changed her gender from male to female after living 65 years as a man. I thought that that only happens in western countries but we also have a case(s) in our land. 

This has just happened when the heated debate about gay rights almost tore our land of splendor into pieces. At this rate, I am not sure of which direction the world is taking. Below are pictures of Miss Jay, formerly called Jaffar Jackson.

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29 July 2015 at 07:27 delete

Genger? Really? If you're going to talk about it - at least use the right word - GENDER ,maybe?