Brenda Wairimu looks even hotter after Giving Birth

Gaining weight is just one of the 'negative' things that accompany pregnancy, since expectant women are mostly round and shapeless, assuming the shape of Big Ted. At this point, most of them are not as attractive as they previously were.

To gain your sexy figure 8 is also a challenge after delivery. Julius Owino, commonly known as Juliani, a Kenyan gospel rapper is certainly lucky to have Brenda Wairimu who is still cute, sexy and beautiful even after she gave Juliani a bouncing baby girl.

She is hotter than before. Of late she has not been active in social media but she recently posted her photos and this mama is a force to reckon with. Beyonce and Rihanna have nothing on her. She is absolutely amazing, I won’t comment further, I know Team Mafisi are now on the lookout.

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