CEO Exposes wife and Her mpango wa kando having it their bed

The social media went crazy over the weekend after a man posted photos of his wife with a side dish having it in their matrimonial bed. The guy who's name is Eric and is a CEO of a car rental company says the wife has been having an affair for some time.

Eric's wife, Bonareri Mogere, and her lovey-dovey side dish, Sulley Maridadi have been having it inside their home and comfortably taking pictures. Eric decided to go on social media to expose the two, here is he posted


Eric's Wife and the guy

Eric's Wife and the guy

The wife Eater

The wife

The wife Devourer 

This is the guy by the name #‎Sulley Maridadi Mohaa who has guts to over take my own house and make his..the guy is busy relaxing comfortably in my bedroom and sitting room freely!!This guy even his wife ran away with a kid coz of bad behaviour of fucking people's wives!!Shame on him n shame on my wife!!!I Will destroy u..u will know am aviator!!!

My useless wife has the guts to bring her mpango wa kando and be fucked in our own matrimonail bed inside our own house...Also they r having romantic moments together at the beach while am busy providing better future for my family..What a useless wife is will die with deadly diseases,,,that's my wish n pray to u..

I can't believe my real wife @Bonareri Jackline can have guts to bring her man (Mpango wa Kando) in our ownr matrimonial bed inside our own house??Am so shocked,disbelief and heart broken?Let marriage and women stay away from my life.This is the photos of my wife with her mpango wa kando in my bedroom and in the beach..Men be carefully who u marry?

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