Collo’s Message To His Lovely Daughter Tawala, As She Turns

When it comes to kids growing up, no one ever seems to realize how fast it happens. Just the other day, rapper Collo shared the bundle of his joy with his fans when the little Tawala Oyieli Majale was born.

Now four years later and it still seems like yesterday, little Tawala is all grown up and no longer needs her mummy around all the time, she can do basic stuff on her own.

Earlier today Collo posted a special message dedicated to his daughter as she turns four years, Collo who sounded grateful for the milestone she has made so far, couldn't hide his joy as she also posted some photos.

The singer made a Collage picture showing her daughter in different ages and posted it on Instagram to announce the news to his fans.

Here is what he posted:

Collo is a former member of the famous group Kleptomaniacs who decided to go solo after the group broke up and the members went to pursue different paths, he is also a producer and businessman.

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