Dennis Itumbi and DJ Pierra Racially Discriminated at Flamingo Beach Resort

Statehouse Director of Digital Media, Dennis Itumbi, has made claims that he was racially discriminated at the Flamingo Beach Resort in Mombasa.

Itumbi who was in the company of DJ Pierra Makena claims that he had gone to get something to eat but ended up being treated like stray dogs. 

According to Itumbi, They ordered for a particular drink and they were told its not there But moments later, the same brand of drinks were served to a Mzungu by the same waiter who claimed that they were not available. Here is what he posted.

“I always thought this Racism/Favouritism was a bit exaggerated, but minutes ago I witnessed this at the @Emrald_Flamingo Beach Resort,” He lamented.

“We order soda and red bull with my long time buddy DJ @Pierre Makena and the waiter tells us it is out… that of course we accept.

“But us we sit at the counter immediately after the statement a mzungu comes and order for red bull and immediately after, red bull is found, I am literally shocked,” he further said.

After the complaints, the hotel management reached out to both Itumbi and Pierra to apologize. Here is Itumbi's post.

Thank you for helping me pass a message to the management of @Emrald_flamingo Beach Resort
An apology has been made to both DJ Pierra and myself.

In the spirit of patriotism and love of Kenya I accept the apology and I have placed just one condition and it has been accepted

Do not fire the waiters involved, just let them learn we are all humans and deserve equal treatment.
God Bless you and Keep You

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