How Larry Madowo Celebrated His Birthday

The Trend host Larry Madowo celebrated his birthday yesterday and did so in a very unique way. Larry who is known to love flashy things in life decided to have a quiet birthday and do simple basic stuff that no one with the kind of cash and celebrity status would even think of doing.

The anchor who turned 28, posted a video of him riding kid's swing, he probably went to visit some children or just hanging out at a park but just from the look of things, the guy was having a great time. Here is the post.

Is this a wooden horse or giraffe? That’s beside the point because on this birthday I’ve decided that I’m not cut out for being an adult and I’m going back to being a child. Growing up and having responsibilities is too much work and I just don’t think I’m cut out for it. Adulthood is overrated anyway. Seriously though, I’m just so grateful that I get the privilege of another year. I have been blessed with a life I would never have imagined I’d have. That I wake up to this life everyday is a daily thanksgiving to the God who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ever imagine or ask. I have family, friends and countless other people that support, challenge and inspire me daily. To all of you, thanks

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