Huddah Goes International, Sponsors Party in Ibiza

Socialite Huddah Monroe has been enjoying the best of Europe with her grand tour of the continent. The boss Lady's recent destination was at Ibiza, where she claims that she hosted an all white party where she was the only black chic, hanging out with these handsome white dudes.

Ibiza, is known to be world's party capital and Huddah thought of taking the opportunity to jam around and drink some expensive European champagne, laying on top of some guys, who knows what happened next. But as she says she doesn't care about your opinion, after all you need her more than she does.

One thing you will all agree with me is that the lady is blessed with a perfect body, especially on a bikini, she looks much hotter than any of the socialites we see in Nairobi.

Here are the photos from the party, Jibambe!

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