Illuminati: Octopizzo vs. Khaligraph

Khaligraph Jones, the self proclaimed king of HipHop and Baba Yao recently released his much anticipated I am King, R.I.P competition video. The video has caused ripples since it displays ‘satanic’ symbols. Octopizzo did not hesitate to criticize it claiming that Khaligraph mimicked beats from a US rapper and that the video has the same concept as one of Twista’s videos. Are Kenyan celebrities really in Illuminati, because of late we have experienced so many scenarios of celebs flashing satanic symbols. Octopizzo and DJ crème de la Crème are examples of top celebrities who have flashed the satanic signs time without number. Recently, Joey Muthegi’s photo while flashing the horn sign that is allegedly to have originated from the Illuminati society ruled the social media
fraternity. Are these celebrities doing all these for the sake of publicity or they are damn serious about what they are doing? Tupac said, only God can judge me, so I won’t judge anyone.

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